Wood Products

Since 1969, Achievement Industries has provided vocational training and work experience to adults with developmental disabilities. When our employees work on your job, they experience the pride and self-respect that go along with performing meaningful work and earning a paycheck. Achievement Industries provides our employees with training to help them develop good work habits and skills. Our workers are ready and willing to meet your quality standards and deadlines.

Our Advantage:

  • Your job will be completed on time.
  • All operations are carefully and continuously supervised by our staff.
  • Quality control is maintained to your standards.
  • Achievement Industries guarantees your satisfaction with all work.
  • Instead of paying overtime or the high costs of a temporary agency for routine tasks or a rush order, you can hire us.
  • Reduce your overhead costs, save floor space, and energy costs by locating part of your production process at our facility.
  • Profit from increased efficiency if you use our workers to do routine tasks and allow your employees more time to work at more complex tasks.
  • Save the time and cost of hiring, training, and providing benefits for new employees.

A Few of Our Satisfied Customers:

“Achievement Industries is very responsive to our needs. We set the production standards and deadlines and Achievement Industries meets them. We have come to rely on Achievement Industries for over 25 years of quality production.”
– Tom Whitsitt, Butler Manufacturing

“The people at Achievement Industries are flexible and responsive to our changing needs and schedules. The employees at Achievement Industries make up a hard working, highly motivated work force. Our good working relationship with Achievement Industries has been ongoing for over 20 years.”
– Vicki Dawson, Dick Blick

Our workforce of 75 is ready to go to work for you on a vast variety of subcontractual jobs. The following is a partial list of our specialties and dimensions of our production facilities.

Workshop: 12,000 square feet of production area
Warehouse: 11,000 square feet with an enclosed dock and close to interstate access.

Wood Products:

  • Craft items (finished or unfinished)
  • Custom pallets (hard or soft wood)
  • Book shelves
  • Virtually any custom project involving cutting, drilling, routing, shaping, joining, and assembly

Plastic Products: (We use a silicone block mold process – non metal)

  • Fishing lures
  • Gears
  • Industrial parts
  • Picture frames
  • A fraction sampling of products we are capable of producing
  • Our Reagan Bust

Other Projects:

  • Filling, sealing, and labeling of pails, bags (paper/poly) and sacks (cloth/burlap) with liquids, powder, sand, nuts, bolts, fasteners, etc.
  • Assembly of metals, wood, and plastic pieces to final product
  • Packaging – hand pack, shrink tunnel, and palletizing
  • Counting/Sorting – hand count, machine weigh count. Materials are inspected for flaws and separated or sorted to your specifications
  • Labeling and marking of individual pieces or lot loads
  • Reworking of damaged/flawed inventory
  • Refurbishing equipment/materials that have been exposed to the elements or need general cleaning to “good as new” condition

Let Achievement Industries solve your out-sourcing needs and at the same time, demonstrate your business’s commitment to people with disabilities. We encourage media photos and stories to enhance your company’s image. Achievement Industries thanks you for considering us as a subcontracting partner for your needs.